Artist of the Week: MenEnd

19-year-old MenEnd was born in Madrid, Spain where he lived until he moved to California to attend college in fall of 2014. Since he was a kid, MenEnd always had a sense for writing songs and loved to sing. A couple of years ago, he caught the attention of a big label and gained a great deal of experience.

When he came to college, MenEnd gathered some studio equipment he placed in his residence room and began making music independently. Influenced mainly by R&B artists like Chris Brown, The Weeknd and Frank Ocean, he started off working with a producer who was a fellow student (MaxiimusProd) After three months, MenEnd moved out and decided to produce his own songs. While he recorded his work, he uploaded several covers to his SoundCloud account, some of which got a large number of views. “Don’t Be Gone Too Long” by Chris Brown, received a personal record of 55,000 plays.

During Christmas 2014, MenEnd gave his first live performance in Madrid for friends and family. With the financial help of his mother, he created his own independent music label called All Back Records S.L. Under his new record label, his first official single was “Go Harder!” This was the first EDM song that MenEnd produced. Through the rest of the school year, he continued recording more songs and shot his first video for “GVMES”, a sexy slow R&B song which featured Yung Gogs. He shot a couple more videos after, eventually dropping a 4 song EP called “XIXCA”. In 2015, MenEnd also got a sponsorship with the brand, Rude Boy Asia.

In June of that year, he dropped his debut album “The One to Fall.” This album had 16 original songs and five features. It mixed R&B with pop, with EDM into an entire MenEnd presentation experience. MenEnd recorded his full album in California and gave three performances in Madrid. He became one of the favorite artists of the popular venue, Café la Palma.

While promoting his album, MenEnd kept working on new songs with a more mellow and acoustic, ‘poppish’ style. He dropped his first single for this project in September of last year, a romantic ballad called “Summer Love.” This song sampled voices and piano synths. After this, MenEnd dropped two more songs. “Black Hat” has gotten over 65.500 views on SoundCloud and is the #1 song on his Spotify profile. In December, the album “Blue Kingdom” finally dropped. It was presented in Café la Palma, which was also MenEnd’s very first sold out crowd.

“I have not released anything yet after Blue Kingdom, as I have been hitting the studio and perfecting my sound. I have also been building relationship with different emerging artists I am working with to create their own character and brand. I plan on releasing some videos in the next month, and a short 4 song EP after that. This process might take time, but I will unofficially release some music for all of my fans waiting patiently.” -MenEnd


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  1. Yung Gogs says:

    Very comprehensive analysis of an emerging star, great read!

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